Our Conjuring

We are storytellers with folk sensibility. Our purpose is clear: to conjure pithy, powerful stories. Not with magic (though there is some of that), but by creating narratives with legitimate skill, artistic savvy, and incomparable vision.

ConjureGirlBlue celebrates nonfiction storytelling that is human centered, meaningful, and memorable, yet striking, compelling, and concise. We specialize in short form media because we believe in the power of precision, and because we know when people face so many competing demands for their time, the pithy can be powerful.

We merge that which may initially seem disparate—academia and artistry; ethnography and environmentalism; food and faith—to curate aesthetic, digital gems. As we curate, we speak truth. As we speak truth, we create. As we create, we conjure.

Regardless of form—video, audio, photography, archival augmentation, genre-blurring hybrids, script-generation or concept scaling—we offer end to end, cost effective and time efficient services. In all of these things, we have an uncanny knack for creative conjuring.  

Let us help you curate your stories—our stories. 

Our Story

In the coastal lowlands of South Carolina—better known as the lowcountry—there is a longstanding, clandestine practice among Black folks: the placement of The Blue Eye. The Blue Eye is an indigo swath painted on a wooden knot in or near one's home. The Blue Eye is tucked away in an effort to shield its power. The Blue Eye wards off evil. The Blue eye guards its inhabitants. The Blue Eye generates energy. In all, and with a constructive balance, The Blue Eye conjures

Our Founder

LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant, PhD

It is from the generative force of The Blue Eye that ConjureGirlBlue was created. 

As a Black woman with deep roots in the American South and Gullah folk culture, Rhon [@DoctorRMB] has always been connected to the playful art of storytelling.  

As an ethnographer she embraces the knowledge that there are wonderful stories—by and about Black folk especially—that need to be told.

As an educator, she knows that making complex ideas legible requires translation.

As an academic, she recognizes that substantive ideas are and should be more than soundbites.

As a creative, she fashions room for other makers who desire control of their digital content.

From these recognitions, an urgency to create visuals that speak to the varied truths of Black life, and a longing to plumb the rich depths of dynamic storytelling, she founded ConjureGirlBlue Productions.